Saturday, 7 September 2013

Top 5 Favourite... Kitchen Utensils

Whilst making tuna casserole for the kids recently  (or what I knew as 'Chicken casserole' growing up as I DID NOT EAT TUNA! :))  I had a moment where I thought 'where would I be without my little whisk?' Yes sounds like a funny thing to get sentimental about but it is really one of the most handy kitchen utensils I own. I actually saw Nigella using one once and sought one out, I wasn't disappointed, so simple but so useful.

So this has inspired me to start a 'Top 5 Favourites list' and here is the first edition:

Top 5 Favourite Kitchen Utensils

  1. Digital scales- I had been wanting some for quite a while and finally got some a couple of years ago, so accurate and can weigh volume as well, can't bake without them.
  2. Lemon/lime squeezer- Well to be honest I did feel like a bit of a 'squeezer' getting one of these! I had seen Ian 'Huey' Hewitson use it on a daily basis on his show and thought how lazy can you get?! Even after I got one it sat in the drawer for ages before I used it but when I did, wow! It is so much easier to squeeze over your cooking and it gets every last drop of juice out.
  3. Jamie Oliver garlic press- I actually researched this for quite a while, I had a decent one and it disappeared, husband bought a cheap one to replace it and every time I used it I felt like throwing it out the window. So after seeing that you could leave the skin on and slice garlic with this one it made it's way to my Xmas wish list for last year! It does a great job.
  4. Furi knife sharpener- So easy to use and sharpens knives in seconds- love it!
  5. Finally my beloved mini whisk- great for making white sauces and whisking in a jug where a large whisk won't fit. Would be lost without it!
(Reading this list I now realise I have been brain washed by celebrity chefs!! Their marketing strategies are working on me!)
What are you favourite kitchen utensils/gadgets?

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