Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Choc Tahini Balls (Sugar-Free)

Finally another recipe! One thing that is difficult to adjust to on this sugar-free gig is satisfying the after-dinner sugar craving. I can honestly say that the craving for something sweet after dinner is in no way like it was before giving up sugar, but there are still times when I stand in front of the pantry wishing there was a 'little something' that could satisfy me.
Pre-quitting sugar it would have been chocolate licorice bullets (the homebrand ones were the best!), or peanut M&M's or when I was being 'good', Lindt Dark Orange chocolate. But now that they are on the no-go list I am always looking for healthier alternatives to these sugar-laden night-time snacks and here is a little one I whipped up.

They are quick to make, no food-processor required and are made of healthy, protein filled ingredients that are easily sourced from the local supermarket. Miss M has given 'Mum's sticky balls' (better than her saying Dad's sticky balls I suppose!)  the tick of approval and after eating the trial batch all myself I can also attest that they are ahem jam packed with fibre!

Choc Tahini Balls


(Yields 28 balls)

1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup tahini
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
6 tablespoons rice malt syrup
2 tablespoons organic cocoa powder
1 tablespoon LSA mix/Almond Meal/Hazelnut meal


1.Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, adjusting rice malt syrup quantity to your sweetness level
2.Roll into teaspoon sized balls
3.Refridgerate and eat when craving hits!!

What is your favourite after-dinner treat?


  1. The homebrand bullets ARE the best!
    looking forward to trying these balls... I need the extra protein, breastfeeding is taking it's toll!

    1. Breastfeeding certainly has a huge impact on your body doesn't it? I just finished breastfeeding a month ago and just starting to get a bit more energy back now!

  2. These look great Nicole! Yum!

    1. Thanks Kylie! Dreaming up variations of them at the moment!


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