Monday, 18 November 2013

Excuse me...Sun? Is that you?

Oh sun, how I’ve missed thee! When the sun decides to appear (which at the moment in Melbourne feels like hardly ever, arrghh!) one of the things I look forward to the most is hanging washing outside. Is that sad? For 'southerners' with kids, you will agree that most days feel like a never-ending cycle of transferring loads of washing from the washing machine to the dryer or maybe the inside clothes horse, folding and then back into the drawers again. You don’t even bother hanging it outside for at least five months of the year because it would never dry. Lately you wouldn’t dare hang it outside even if it did seem like ‘good drying weather’ since it would most probably end up raining before it was dry anyway!

There is something about washing hanging outside; it feels cleaner, happier even (is it possible for clothes to be happy?!). Standing at the clothes line this morning with the sun's warmth on my back I was reminded how much I miss sunny Queensland. Since I spent most of my life there the adjustment to the erratic and unpredictable Melbourne weather has been a challenge. I liked the fact that back home (which is what I call Queensland) once the warm weather starts up around September, you can pack your winter clothes away (which mainly only consists of jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt anyway) and introduce your white legs to the beginnings of summer.  And that is it, until next winter.

In Melbourne there is usually one warm day at the end of September: The Teaser, when the sun makes an appearance and I think YIPPEE! It’s on! I begin thinking of picnics in the park, trips to the beach and flowy dresses. But then BAM! The next day is back to 14 degrees, I have the heater cranked up and the winter woolies back on. I can’t handle it! I think this year every Melbournite will agree it has gone on way too long. It’s the middle of November and I am still in winter PJ’s!

But what can you do, as my husband likes to remind me “if you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, just wait five minutes”. It’s true. So for now I will soak it up, I will don my t-shirt, sit outside with my cup of coffee and flip around the house in my thongs. Better do it while I can, it will be back to 17 degrees soon…

What is your favourite summer moment?


  1. It's the smell of summer that I love. That, and a nice cold glass of rose.

    1. Oh yes Sam, the smell is wonderful isn't it? You can't beat it.

  2. yes I know what you mean about the Sun. Its so nice to think I will have all my washing dry in less than an hour. I love my mornings, sitting outside with my cuppa and just enjoying the start of the day day, birds singing and all is quite in the street. I will send some sunshine down .... carol / mum


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