Sunday, 10 November 2013

Just one more champagne cocktail...please!

So I have been in a bit of a blog rut lately, hence the tumbleweeds blowing past by blog pages (Ha! Ha!) . You would think that after my four day kid-free mini break I would be floating and taking on life with gusto, right? Well I was hoping this would be how felt when I returned home but instead I have been hit with the post-holiday slump. Obviously I have experienced this before, who hasn’t? But I didn’t think I would feel this way after returning to a job and colleagues (Miss M and Master Q J) that I actually love. My first day back at ‘work’ I was calm, cool and in control. I flittered around the house like a 1950’s TV Mum. The next day I decided to tackle toilet training Miss M. Well in the first 45 minutes we had two accidents and she refused to sit on the potty for more than 2 seconds. We then had tantrums, crying, yelling and well by this stage my blood pressure had started to rise and the calm and collected me quickly faded away. In my ‘paid’ job I have dealt with stressful situations and I thought I would have been well prepared to tackle the stresses that come with Motherhood, boy was I wrong. How is it that just trying to get a screaming 2 year old strapped into her car seat, while she kicks and thrashes about can set your blood pressure sky high? After an incident like this (which lately is happening a lot more frequently, damn those terrible twos!!) I can feel my blood pressure set off and stay on this course for the rest of the day, the littlest tantrum threatening to take me over the edge.

My holiday was everything I had been dreaming of in the weeks and days leading up to it. My bestie and I lingered over meals, relishing not having to feed someone else or clean up afterwards (!), we leisurely got out of bed in the morning (after going to the toilet alone!), spent a whole day shopping with my only worry being to make it to happy hour on time! (Man I wish I was there now!) It was what Mothers dream of! I was trying to ensure I soaked up every little minute of this freedom but to be honest after the novelty of my first day ‘off’ I had already settled into pre-kids Nicole and living this care-free, Nicole-centric life felt like the norm! I think this is what added to my crash back to reality upon my return. It was wonderful to see the kids of course (I don't know why I felt it necessary to write that line actually, but I suppose I felt like a bad Mum for loving my break away from them) but it hardly felt like I had left!


Nearly two weeks back into it and the shock is slowly wearing off and I am settling back into the rollercoaster ride that is being a Mum of a 2 year old and 1 year old. Now that I have taken some time to reflect on my time away I have come up with some new goals (none life changing or greater good making but nonetheless…)
1. Must attempt to have shower every morning, even if it requires military planning
2. I will stop wearing MY PREGNANCY LEGGINGS!
3. I will attempt to put on make-up when I leave the house
4. I will make time to spend on my creative pursuits, even if it means upping my coffee intake! (Coincidentally I have just started a wonderful blogging course with Pip Lincolne, Blog with Pip, which is spurring me on with this goal)
5. I will remember that looking after myself in both body and soul makes me a better Mum and wife and human being. Note to self: ‘There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first sometimes, your family with thank-you for it’.


  1. Can I get an AMEN! Boy do I hear you... and my baby is only four months old! Well done for going away and having a bloody good time. It is SO important to spend some time just being "ourselves", not "mum" or "wife" or that really annoying crazy woman.

    1. Ha ha Sam! Yes that really annoying crazy woman shows up most days at our house! I was just reading your blog today, I can relate SO MUCH! Look forward to being a regular reader!

  2. Wonderful post Nicole. Lots of smiling and head nodding this end.
    I say a big yes to upping coffee in order to stay awake to spend time on creative pursuits too! It's the only way I get things done. I always feel better for it, (which means better mum for everyone else too.)

    Now go find some new leggings :-)

    1. Thanks Brydie! Will do, or just get rid of the leggings altogether I think! Now better make another cup of coffee!

  3. Yes, you have to put yourself up there with the rest of your family. I've watched too many mums run themselves ragged looking after everyone except themselves. All the best with the new goals!

    1. Thanks Tash! Sometimes it easier said than done isn't it?!


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