Sunday, 26 January 2014

Renew the Menu: Banana Pikelets

Today's Renew the Menu is a breakfast revamp and came into being when we woke up this morning and I realised there was no bread, no oats and no cereal.
To be honest breakfast at our house is really boring. Up until recently it was oats all round but in the last few months Master Q has decided he will not be fed by anyone and since he isn't too proficient at using utensils at the moment I try to give him as much 'finger food' as possible, to save everyone's sanity. So it's been toast for breakfast for a while now, I'm not that happy about it since our family's carb intake seems to have increased exponentially in the last 6 months (something I am intent on working on) but it saves lots of tantrums, and the kids behaviour is better too !
So after the only two pieces of crust were devoured in a matter of seconds this morning and our holiday house pantry items are limited, banana pikelets it was. Of course baking powder or self-raising flour are not staples in our holiday house pantry so I had to make these without either, they were still yum but if you have either of these ingredients on hand it would make a fluffier pikelet and I have included this in the recipe below.
Banana pikelets: Simple, quick, finger food and not toast- all the pre-requisites for a tantrum-free breakfast! (Well as close as you can get with toddlers!)
Banana pikelets
1 cup plain flour 
1 tsp baking powder
3/4 cup milk
1 tablespoon raw sugar (or any sugar/sugar-substitute you have on hand)
1 banana, mashed
1 egg
Butter, for frying
(Note: You can use 1 cup Self-Raising flour instead of the plain flour and baking powder)
1. Using a fork, mix flour, baking powder, milk, egg and sugar in a bowl
2. Mash banana separately and add to mixture
3. Heat a tablespoon of butter in frying pan on medium heat
4. Once bubbling drop a few tablespoons of mixture into pan
5. Once bubbles appear on surface of pikelet, flip over and cook until golden brown
6. Serve with extra sliced banana, honey or whatever other toppings you have to hand!


  1. Will have to try this, our littlest is obsessed with porridge at the moment maybe she'll enjoy these as something different!

    1. Porridge used to be my saviour Lila, but now it's the bane of my existence- such a mess!!


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