Saturday, 25 January 2014

Walnut and L.S.A Biscuits (Sugar-Free)

A quick decision to make some biscuits to take to my friend’s house prompted me to come up with this Anzac-inspired biscuit recipe. Our family friend, Linda, is the ‘Queen of the Anzac’ and whilst growing up, we would gasp with excitement when she appeared at our door with a Tupperware container full of them. My Mum and I have attempted to replicate her recipe over the years but cannot seem to get it quite right! (Isn’t that always the way?)
My sugar-free Walnut and Linseed, Sunflower and Almond (L.S.A) meal biscuit is based on the Anzac recipe from David Gillespie’s, The Sweet Poison Cookbook. Since going sugar-free his Anzac is a favourite in our house.
One of Master Q's first words was cookie, so its hilarious to watch him bounce up and down in his highchair repeating "Coo-kie!" over and over when he spots a container of them on the bench. At least I don't feel guilty about giving the kids yet another one of these 'cookies' as the walnuts, oats and L.S.A. make this recipe high in protein, fibre and also a great source of omega (3,6 &9) essential fatty acids.

They are super quick to make and if you are wanting an alternative to the traditional Anzac this Australia Day give them a try!

Walnut and L.S.A. biscuits (Sugar-free)

Makes approx. 20 biscuits

1 cup rolled oats
1 cup wholemeal flour, sifted
2/3 cup linseed, sunflower and almond meal (you could also use almond or hazelnut meal)
½ cup walnuts, chopped
½ cup dextrose
120g unsalted butter, chopped
1/3 cup rice malt syrup
1 tsp bi-carb soda
1 tbsp water


Pre-heat oven 160 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Celsius fan forced)
  1. Combine oats, sifted flour, L.S.A., dextrose and walnuts in a bowl
  2. Melt butter and rice malt syrup in a saucepan on medium heat
  3. Once butter/syrup begins to boil add bi-carb and water and stir quickly
  4. Make well in dry mixture and pour foamy butter/syrup mixture into bowl
  5. Combine together
  6. Taking approx. 2 tbsp of mixture roll into balls
  7. Place on lined baking tray, leaving approx. 3cm between balls. Press balls slightly with fork.
  8. Bake in oven for 20-25 mins
  9. Leave on tray for 5 minutes (leave longer for crisper biscuits)
  10. Transfer to cooling rack

Biscuits will keep in an airtight container for 2 days –if they last that long! Or you could freeze half, wrapping biscuits in cling film and placing in clip seal bag in freezer.


  1. I need to make these! I seriously need the extra protein !


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