Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mop like no one's watching...

If I had to choose two chores that I would farm out, it would be cleaning the floors and ironing. Ironing is taken care of, I just don’t do it. If it doesn’t straighten out enough whilst folding it then we don’t wear it. (Much to my Mum’s disapproval!). When husband and I first lived together I tasked him with the floors (“Oh, my back!” I protested). He’d huff and puff about having to do them and by the time he was finished he was putting out more heat than the vacuum. I dubbed him ‘The Angry Vacuumer’(creative genius that I am!) because although he listened to his MP3 player whilst cleaning he used this alone time to reflect on the things that angered him (which are many) and so by the time he finished he was ready to explode.
Fast forward a few years and I have taken over the floor cleaning duties (‘Wife of the Year’, did I hear you say?). Never excited by the prospect of having to do the floors but at the same time motivated by having sticky pieces of food constantly attached to the bottom of my feet I begrudgingly lug out the vacuum cleaner and begin the dreaded chore. With the two toddlers running around it is virtually impossible to get the whole house done in one go, so the vacuum cleaner often sits in the hallway for a week waiting for a window of time to open up to get the rest of the house cleaned. Just another thing to add to my long list of bug bears!  
This is what I'd rather be doing!
So today whilst my Mother-in-law was at our house I took the opportunity to get the whole house cleaned in one go. I was actually looking forward to cleaning the floors, secretly relishing the chance to have an hour (or 2!) to myself. Sad, I know! I took a leaf out of husband’s book and thought I would listen to my iPod. Bouncing around the house to my carefully selected playlist (see below for my choice of tunes), I was transported to a dark nightclub circa 1999. The solitude and the music whisking me away, causing me to reminisce, dream of the future and feel thankful for what I have. Yep all this from an hour of music.
 When most of my regular playlist these days involve “Rock-a-bye your bear”, or “Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow” on repeat I had forgotten the pleasure I used to derive from singing out loud or dancing around the house to my favourite songs. You do have to prepare yourself for some funny looks from your children “What you doing Mummy?” Miss M asked with a curious smile on her face. But it was a reminder that sometimes it only takes a little time out, a little escape to recharge your batteries and to remind ourselves that we have so much to be grateful for. To look at doing these chores as part of looking after our family, not as the bane of our existence (ok, it might take more than an hour away to get to that point!).

So next time you are facing an unpleasant chore (is there any other kind?) load up your Cleaning Playlist and mop like no one’s watching- I highly recommend it!

My Mopping Madness Playlist

Something I need – One Republic (To pump you up)

Dog days are over- Florence + the Machine (To sing to)
Rumour Has It/Someone Like You- Glee Cast version (To dance around to- Glee like)
Somebody that I used to know- Gotye (To feel cool)
You’re the Voice- John Farnham (To take you back to the 80’s)
Who Knew – P!nk (Just cause)
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen (It’s so peppy)
Don’t stop till you get enough – Michael Jackson (Because it reminds me of Seinfeld!)
Throw Your Arms Around Me- Hunters & Collectors (To reminisce!)
What would be on your cleaning playlist?

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