Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Renew the Menu: Fish Flatbread with Tartare Sauce

Fish wraps. This one was inspired by a recent episode of My Kitchen Rules- yes I admit it I love this show! I avoided watching it for the first few seasons but one weekend whilst heavily pregnant with Miss M I got sucked in. Since then I look forward to its return to our screens, the drama and yes, the cooking. The Calamari wraps the Victorian Twins cooked last week looked so appealing husband and I were almost salivating on the TV screen, so this sparked this Renew the Menu meal: Fish Flatbreads with Tartare Sauce.
Any firm-ish fish would work well here, 500 grams was just enough for 2 adults and two hungry toddlers so adjust the amount of fish to suit your hungry hoard. I have been making this flatbread recipe for quite a while, normally we eat it with polpette (Italian meatballs) but thought it would work well here too. The tartare sauce is quite runny compared to the traditional one but is much better for you as I make it with yoghurt. This meal is easy, the only bit that takes a bit of coordination is cooking the flatbreads whilst cooking the fish. You could easily make the flatbreads first then cook the fish but I think the bread tastes best whilst still warm.

Fish Flatbread with Tartare sauce


Approx 500g firm fish fillets
Plain flour for coating
Sea salt and pepper
Olive oil for frying

(Makes approx. 8 flatbreads)

1 cup plain flour
1 cup wholemeal plain flour
½ tbsp dry yeast
½ cup warm water
½ tbsp olive oil
½ tsp salt
½ tsp vinegar
Extra warm water

1.       Mix yeast and warm water in bowl. Add salt, vinegar and olive oil. Let stand for 5 minutes
2.       Add ½ cup plain flour, ½ cup wholemeal flour and mix, adding water to dough. Stir together.
3.       Add remaining flours and begin kneading, adding water slowly until soft dough forms.
4.    Continue to knead until soft dough ball forms.
5.       Place in clean bowl and cover with tea towel, let stand for 30 mins.

Tartare Sauce

½ cup plain yoghurt
2-3 sweet gherkins, chopped
1 tsp capers
½  tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp dill, chopped

1.       Add all ingredients except dill to small food processor and blitz until combined
2.       Add finely chopped dill and stir

(Note: If you would prefer a thicker sauce you can add some Cos or Gem lettuce leaves and blend in processor)

Method continued...
Once dough has risen, carry out the following
1.       Cut dough into golf ball size pieces and roll out into pancake size flatbreads
2.       Heat olive oil on medium heat and cook each flatbread for approx. minutes each side
3.       Cut fish fillets into bite sized pieces
4.       Place approx. 1/4 cup plain flour and salt and pepper in plastic bag
5.       Add fish and shake till pieces are covered
6.       Heat oil in separate pan and cook fish pieces until golden and cooked through (will only take a few minutes each side)
7.       Assemble wraps with some salad, fish, and a generous drizzle of tartare sauce


  1. That looks absolutely delicious, I'm going to try it next week!


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