Friday, 21 March 2014

Things I collect...Leaf plates

Yep you read right, serving plates in the shape of leaves! So my collection is small at the moment only four plates but I think they are so pretty. It started years ago after going through some of my Nanna’s things at my Mum’s house. Sitting down with my Mum and reminiscing our way through my Grandma’s glory box is one of my favourite things to do. We have both seen the things contained in the beautiful wooden chest hundreds of times before but I never get bored of sifting through the memories and listening to Mum re-tell the stories attached to each treasure. My Nanna passed away when I was very young but handling these cherished bits and pieces I feel connected to her.
My Nanna was a softly spoken woman my Mum says, a wonderful cook and a mean tennis player. She met my Pop whilst they were both serving in the Royal Australian Air Force during the Second World War. My Nanna was actually of a higher rank than my Pop- a fact which really delights me!
My Leaf Plate Collection!
The dark green leaf plate (top right) was a tennis trophy of my Nanna’s, my Mum has vivid memories of this plate always containing toothpicks holding onto pieces of cheese, cocktail onions and cabana at parties. (Ooh I could go a retro cocktail nibble right about now!) Apparently glasses, plates and the like were common sporting trophies back in the day (even my Dad has a trophy that is a serving plate in the shape of a banana!).  The long light green plate (bottom) was handmade by one of my Pop’s relatives and was given to my Grandparents 32 years ago.
My fave
The origin of the light pink one above (which is actually my favourite) is unknown, I am sure it was also my Nanna’s but neither Mum nor I can recall the story behind it, hopefully one day soon it will come back to us! The embossed overlapping leaves and the light pinkish hue makes it such a sweet plate that I can barely stand to cover it up with morsels of food! The long dark green plate (top left) is the first one in my collection that actually belongs to me and was a present from one of my closest friends. I love the colour, the Asian feel but most of all love that my first contribution was given to me by someone I hold dear. A whimsy cute little collection, don’t you think?
I am not normally one for holding onto too many possessions but I really treasure this collection and  look forward to adding to it. When Miss M is a bit older we will sit down together and I will  tell her the stories behind each of the plates and that of the inspiring, creative, competitive and strong women that came before her.
Do you have a collection of trinkets that you hold dear?
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  1. What a lovely meaningful collection. So sweet! I love that dark green one, what a glorious colour.

    1. Thanks Rachael, things always seem cuter when you have an attachment to them don't they?!

  2. Great collection! My mum used to collect Carlton Ware english china leaf plates and matching crockery. Thanks for joining the linky! x

    1. Great linky topic Karen! Matching crockery? Can't imagine!

  3. Absolutely love your plates, It's a gorgeous collection.

  4. I've got a few leaf plates - they are very special aren't they? But it's the history behind these items that draws you in and makes you hold them so dear. Flick x


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