Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sparking creativity: How I got my blog groove back

As I have mentioned here recently, I have really been struggling to get my blog groove on lately. It started as a blip whilst I was busy with everyday life and then turned into a real blog coma. I felt caught up, overthinking everything, creatively constipated (nice image isn't it?!). I began to consider whether I should continue blogging at all.

Then this happened.

I got myself a study nook.

We had been planning one for what seems like an eternity as our study is at the opposite end of the house to our living area and it's logistically impossible to do any work down there with two toddlers at your feet. So the dining table became my office which meant that we were forever moving my laptop, my camera, my notebooks and my cookbooks back and forward around the table. It was driving us bonkers and aggravated the neat freak in me to no end.

We work shopped numerous versions of my study nook in a space at the end of our kitchen bench and originally I wanted a desk that was the same height as our bench top, but finding table legs that I liked proved to be virtually impossible. So after getting to the point where I thought we were just going to give the idea away, I decided just to go with some normal desk height legs. And after another trip to Ikea my new study nook was born!
To add some colour I made myself some little circle cork board spots (another idea from Ikea, oh those Swedes!!) and it was whilst I had paint roller in one hand that my groove came back. It was such a simple project, completely kids craft corner but it just took that one little foray to awaken my creative juices and I was off.

Sitting down at MY cute little space ideas began to flow and I was excited again. It is a little part of the house that is mine, decorated how I want it, with MY colours and MY stuff and I love it!! (Credit and thanks does have to go to husband for putting the desk and shelf together and for putting up with my complaints in the months preceding the final product!).

It's hard to find anything that is yours once you become a Mum, the other day Miss M was demanding I show her my veins on my legs to entertain her whilst she was on the toilet! Sheesh!! But this little corner of the house smack bang in the middle of the chaos is my little oasis. Space set aside for me.

In discussions with fellow bloggers (especially the lovely ladies from the Blog with Pip Group) there isn't a day that goes by where someone  isn't questioning whether they should continue with their blog, how they are worried that they will never find their mojo again and I have been one of them lately. Of course ebbs and flows are a natural part of life but if there are two tips I can give if you are struggling with getting your groove back it would be just DO SOMETHING, anything! Decorate one of your children's rooms, make a nice card, do some painting, it doesn't have to be huge and it certainly doesn't have to be great but it just has to be SOMETHING. It will reignite your spark, and lead you back to where you are supposed to be.
Isn't this clock just gorgeous? It's from online store Society 6, I recommend it!
The second would be find somewhere that is just yours, somewhere in your house where you can be creative. I noticed that Pip herself has tasked some of her students from her latest Inspiration Information course to decorate a tiny part of their house for themselves. Which inadvertently was exactly what I did with my study nook! It's nice to have somewhere that is just yours when you are used to giving all of yourself to others. It's a reminder that you are still 'you' and that finding space to be that person again will work wonders in getting your groove back.

What are you sure fire ways to get re-inspired?

(Apologies for the bad lighting in the photos but if I waited for sunlight in Melbourne I could be here forever!!)


  1. Hi Nicole, what a lovely study nook. I felt inspired once I got my own area for a desk and shelving. It wasn't fun when I had to pack my laptop up all the time when we needed to use the dining table. It's nice to find your blog. I'm a May blog with pip girl. Nice to meet you x

  2. LOVE your nook! So gorgeous.
    Welcome back :)

  3. I love your study nook and your colours! I hope it brings you lots of creative inspiration :)


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