Monday, 27 October 2014

Master Q turned 2: The Gruffalo Cake

Master Q turned two nearly a month ago but am only now just getting around to posting the pics! Wow time flies, it feels like I was wrestling with his first birthday cake Rusty the Robot  just a week ago! We are only newcomers to The Gruffalo/The Gruffalo's Child stories by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler but to say both kids have become obsessed is an understatement! So there wasn't much discussion when it came to picking Master Q's cake this year, Gruffalo it was! It's such a wonderful story and Miss M can now recite it word for word, I have to say it helps that husband and I like it too and think we are both grateful for a break from Peppa Pig!!

When looking for some inspiration for the Gruffalo cake I was bombarded with lots of wonderful looking cakes on Pinterest but I could not find one that was simple and not made out of fondant icing. So I winged it and was pretty pleased with the result, Master Q insisted it turned out more like Gruffalo's Child than the Gruffalo and he was probably right but still it looked good.

I decided after a 'friendly' suggestion from husband that from now on I will make the kids birthday cakes WITH sugar. Not for the taste but sugar-free baking can be very temperamental and as most Mums know there is enough stress getting kids parties organized let alone worrying if the cake will even turn out! So I took his advice and stuck to a normal chocolate and buttercake. I also made chocolate buttercream icing and I do have to admit it did take a lot of stress out of the equation!

I baked two 22cm round cakes and fashioned the ears and legs from cut outs of the face. I covered the cake and legs and ears with the chocolate icing and used a fork to 'rough' up the fur. I hand coloured white fondant icing for all the body parts and used long licorice for the eyebrows, mouth, hair and end of the tail. The details were a little time consuming but it wasn't difficult. I made it the night before so didn't have to worry on the day.


I also added a few other little 'themed' items to the party table and made "Gruffalo Crumble" which was sugar-free chocolate crackles, some "Scrambled Snake" which was popcorn with lolly snakes, Maltessers as "Mouse droppings" and Twisties as "Roasted Fox". I normally try to keep the party food as nutritious as possible but this year I let go a little and funnily enough the kids hardly touched the Twisties or snakes, they were only interested in Fairy bread!

That's the kids party cakes over for another year, phew! Don't know how Mums with more than two kids do it?!

What birthday cakes did your kids ask for this year?


  1. Fabulous! Tadpole is sitting here eating her breakfast and smiled and waved to the cake. Clearly a winner! And I agree with hubby, some things need to be as stress free as possible!

    1. Thanks Sam! That's so cute! Yes hate to admit it but husband was right on that one!


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