Thursday, 14 December 2017

A Letter to my Playgroup Ladies...

Dearest Ladies,

This last week or so upon attempting to come to terms with Master Q going off to school next year I have had a lump in my throat as to the enormity of what this means to me. One of the things which has been at the forefront of my mind during these often tearful reflections is that tomorrow marks the end of an era. Tomorrow will be my last weekly trip to Playgroup.

Six and a half years ago as clueless first time mothers we sat bleary eyed around a packet of Tim Tams and shared, at times in tears, stories of bleeding nipples, sleep routines, nappy rash and oh yes a little thing called sleep deprivation. It was a comfort in those early days (for someone on the brink of postnatal depression) to realise that I wasn’t alone, that my worries and stresses were being experienced by others. Having my closest friends and family over 2000km away meant that this support meant even more to me than you will ever know.

Over these last six years we have shared so much together, excitement of new baby arrivals (we’ve had 25 kids between us can you believe it? And one more to go!!) Sad times, tough phases and hilarious stories . There were days when I’m sure we all pushed ourselves to front up, but I always left feeling better for it and it was all up to you lovely women.

I feel so grateful to have lucked upon such a wonderful group of women to share these first momentous years of Motherhood with and have made bonds which I know will be lifelong. Although our group numbers has dwindled over the years you all still hold a special place in my thoughts and my heart.

I have gained so much from you all, and have become a better Mum for it.

To the last few Ladies standing, I will miss our weekly chats, although I envision I will be turning up after school drop off next year sans kids as I think cold turkey will just be too much for me to bare. (And I’ll see you tomorrow with a packet of Tim Tams in hand!)

Before I go I want to tell you what great Mothers you all are. We may not have all approached Motherhood in the same way, but you are all Super Women in my book. And on those days where the shine on your crown might not seem so sparkly, look down into those little one’s eyes and remember YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Love Nicole xx


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